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The Autism Academy (‘Autisme Academie’) Nederland by Auticomm started in 2008, is part of the Plan B Academy and specializes in autism & communication and autism & sensory overload/stress.

Autism is hard to describe and remains something if a mystery – even for us. What we do know is how communication works in relation to autism and most of all, how stress/sensory overload impacts mental and physical well-being.

As one of the first, Marjon Kuipers and her team of experienced trainers made a connection between how people with autism experience stress and to what extent they are aware of their autism. To simplify: more stress equals being more bothered by autism, less stress equals being less bothered. It is a point of view which resonates for many people with autism. We are the top experts in this field.


In our courses we underline on stress and how stimuli are processed. Not only is it helpful to know more about what happens during stressful times, it can hugely improve a person’s quality of life to know what to do about it. This goes for people with autism and for others close to them.


With our training and development programs we focus mainly on the personal development of people with autism with normal to high intelligence, and of the people who are closest to them. Working on your personal development means personal growth for every human being. We want to invite people with autism to take control of their own lives and well-being and we provide the tools to do so. We find it important to stimulate a paradigm shift, from a negative way of thinking to a positive and realistic one.

We believe that people with autism have the right to be an equal part of our society. Our objective is to work together towards an autism-friendly, but above all people-friendly, country of the Netherlands.

In 2008 we declared our intention to be autism-friendly! We passionately believed this was necessary. What we offer you: knowledge of stress management, how the brain works, loving attention, communication skills, how to connect and dare to be vulnerable. All these things are good for all of us. We are equipped with a great deal of (the latest) knowledge, so the transition to People-friendliness is a very natural one for us. Because everyone matters.


To achieve our goal, we believe it is important to work with people with autism. All our training courses are given by someone with and someone without autism. Our course material was developed and continues to be updated in this combination. Inclusion and egalitarianism are our guiding principles.

No less than 91 % of our students recommend the 7-day course to become an Autism-friendly coach.

Plan B

Marjon joined forces with inspirator and autism ambassador Gijs Horvers to write the book Plan B on autism & communication.

Course locations

The permanent course locations are in Enschede, Deventer, Zwolle, Alkmaar, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Burgum, and Rotterdam. The dates and locations can be found in the calendar. Other locations and in-company training courses are available on request.

What I need is someone who will make me do what I can.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)