Micro expression and body language in autism

Just like the Titanic colliding with the iceberg because the captain did not see what was under water, many people crash into each other every day because they cannot see what is happening inside. As a result, a person is often judged on their behaviour and its consequences.

But what real emotion, for example, lies beneath the angry outburst? Maybe anxiety or sadness? Then a different approach would work better to stay connected.

In our profiling section we teach you how to look underwater, so you get a better look at what motivates someone. Topics like emotion recognition and body language.

With these skills you will be able to respond better to what someone really needs, and you will also learn be more conscious of how and what you show in your communication. But be warned. Once you can see it, you cannot switch it off…

People with autism sometimes have difficulty recognizing and responding to communication signals in themselves and in others. More knowledge in the field of non-verbal communication gives the person with autism a rational tool in the field of interpreting signals and, with the help of this knowledge, he or she can find a much better connection with the people with whom he or she interacts.

Imagine what it is like to be one of the few to with a wide range of skills in the field of communication? As a close relative of someone with autism, or as a professional.

And what could it mean to have a wider range if communication doesn’t happen naturally? In our master class you will learn the hidden messages of body language so that you gain more confidence and control in every situation. We teach you the interpretation techniques, what underlying emotions are involved, and we teach you how to tune in to the other person. Crystal clear and based on the most up-to-date knowledge in this field.

Watch the movie here: https://youtu.be/o0-aUEtp0ww

https://www.autismeacademie.nl/lichaamstaal/ This course will be given on 15 November 2019 by Ingrid de Jong and Marjon Kuipers.

The investment for this master class is 250 euros free of VAT. Sign up via https://www.autismeacademie.nl/agenda-courseen/