Autism consultancy

Why is it that people with and without autism sometimes seem to have such difficulty understanding each other? No matter how clear you are, the other person does not seem to want to understand what you mean. He or she comes up with a reaction that does not fit in with what you mean or does something completely different than you asked for. And the other way around, sometimes you do not understand the other person. This often causes annoyance and no less frequently: frustration for everyone involved.

Human contact is prone to conflict, maintaining a good relationship can be complicated. Certainly, in relationships, personal or business, in which a form of autism plays a role, escalation can quickly occur.

Stress and sensory overload

Autism is, as my colleague and experienced trainer Gijs Horvers always says, “human behaviour under a magnifying glass”. The vulnerability of having autism around stimulus processing means that people with autism are not always able to process information. There is a delay in information processing and the risk of creating incorrect information links. Too many stimuli generate stress and in severe stress/sensory overload everyone, without exception, switches off their “mind”.

In people who experience vulnerabilities, this can happen more often than people without such experiences might have. Miscommunication is a source of conflict and therefore also of great stress. In the context of autism better known as sensory overload.

With our Consultancy branch we support organisations with autism-related issues. For example: partners/partners/managing directors or employees who drop out due to autism and/or come into conflict with colleagues. As a result, the functioning and well-being of all those involved, and the continuity of the company may be in danger.

Support for organisations

We support our clients in various areas such as personal coaching by university-level trained Autism-friendly Coaches. Our experience lies in providing in-company business course according to our Autism Academy Plan B methodology. This creates mutual support and understanding. If required, we can offer support in temporary business operations by a specialised business expert if a partner is briefly out of the running. It goes without saying that we can also advise around (re)structuring work, which reduces stress in the company.

If there is a threat of conflict or if there are already conflicts, you can use the services of our Mediator who specializes in autism.

Knowledge and experience

All of our professionals are trained in the knowledge of autism at the Autism Academy and are therefore aware of the most recent developments in this field. In addition, we speak the language of business, know the problems and know, partly from our own experiences, what is needed. We dare to say that we are specialists in this field. Our approach is result-oriented and we like clear and transparent steps. We are happy to be your discussion partner in this area and are happy to offer a focused solution for specific issues surrounding autism.